The Truck Drawing series is a monoprint that uses the bed of my pickup truck and a 16-pound steel shot put to capture the forces that act on us as we drive. I was inspired to create this while riding around in a friend's car who had one of those golf ball–sized crystal balls hanging from their rear-view mirror. As we cornered, accelerated or stopped, the ball would swing through various arcs and I was of mesmerized by the motion.

I created a wooden frame that is shaped to the contours of my truck bed and a sheet of countertop laminate as my plate. I traced this shape to make the plate and the paper fit as close to the shape of the truck bed as possible. After inking the plate, I place a piece of paper on top of the ink and then the plate goes into the wooden frame. Finally, I place the shot put on top of the paper and seal it in with a wooden lid. As I drive the shot put rolls around transfers the ink to the paper creating a monoprint. You can see a detailed explanation of this process here